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Folding Sport Trailers for Kayaks, Boats, Motorcycles, Canoes, Inflatable Boats, Utility and More.

Bulldog Folding Trailers is currently seeking a new US distributor for the entire Bulldog Folding Trailers line. Please email us at: jeff@bulldogfoldingtrailers.com

Please refer all other inquiries including product availability, parts and warranty claims to pac@bulldogfoldingtrailers.com.au



Folding Motorcycle Trailers

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Folding Kayak, Boat & Canoe Trailers

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Folding Multi Sport Trailers

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Bulldog Folding Trailers, “The world’s only TRUE folding trailers” just became even better! The new Universal model trailer is configurable to haul many of your toys, all on one frame and literally folds up and stores in a footprint the size of a doormat.

Other folding trailers don’t really fold up: they just stand on end with a modestly reduced length, requiring FOUR TIMES the storage space of a Bulldog Folding Trailer.

Bulldog Folding Trailers fold on multiple axes, so they will fit into a corner of your garage, the trunk of your car, or even a closet in your house. And with just few minutes required to fold or unfold it, you can be off and rolling in no time.

Safe and Strong – Your Trailer Load Will Arrive Safely

With a maximum load of 850 pounds (Click here for specific load chart), Bulldog Folding Trailers are as safe and strong as conventional trailers. Sold for more than 20 years, these trailers are good for on-road or off-road use at speeds of up to 80 MPH.